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ATTENTION! If You or Someone You Love is Suffering from Sarcoidosis, Then This Will Be the Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read...


“At Last, You Can Stop Suffering the Living Hell of Sarcoidosis With Natural Alternatives and Without Drugs or Surgery.”


Quotation: Dr. Jani Hajjri, health specialist and alternative medicine researcher, Chicago
- Illinois, Oct. 2006:
"All the efforts to send the "message" to the immune system of a sarcoidosis sufferer that
there's nothing wrong and there's no need for such extreme reactions
fail tragically unless care is taken to..."

The Aden Protocol is a system which first stirred the waters back in November 2004
and is doing so to date. It is the only protocol in existence that was proven
to induce remission in sarcoidosis patients.


A former sarcoidosis sufferer, alternative medicine researcher and author teaches you how to:


Eliminate the primary triggers of your sarcoidosis disease in 2 weeks (based on a breakthrough in research of underlying chemical triggers of the disease) and get on the fast track to remission.
Shift the chemical imbalance inside a small organ in your abdomen. This imbalance was proven to be one of the 3 primary triggers of the disease. This new-found connection changed everything.
Relieve your worst sarcoidosis symptoms and pain instantly.
Dissolve and Eliminate granuloma from your lungs.
Cleanse Your body of all the polluting residue in 3 weeks.
...so much more



Use this book to discover How She Overcame Her Own Disease and Taught Thousands Of People Worldwide To Eliminate Sarcoidosis And Get Their Lives Back


Even if your condition is still not chronic and you are coping so far, because you need to be addressing the triggers rather then just the consequences.



Even if you have just been diagnosed and hope that it will just go away. Sorry, I thought the same but it doesn't work that way. Don't just wait around as this condition takes over your life.



Even if your sarcoidosis is severe and chronic, because the root causes are the same as the first day. By eliminating these (one in particular) you are paving your road to remission.




Danielle May
Danielle May in her home, October 2009


by Danielle May - Nutrition Specialist, Health Consultant and former sarcoid sufferer


Fellow sarcoidosis sufferer,

My name is Danielle May and I have beat sarcoidosis.

Allow me to ask - are you also struggling with sarcoidosis? Are you frustrated, or feeling angry as you witness your life slowly becoming centered around your disease? 

If you answered yes, then let me tell you that I know exactly how you feel. I  personally have gone through the same experience a few years ago. I have battled with sarcoidosis for 2 years until I have finally found my solution and my blessed salvation.

It was an alternative treatment method with this doctor in Ohio called the Aden protocol. Let me tell you, that made all the difference. Very soon, I was reborn. Healthy and vibrant. And I have put it all in a book that you can use to do the same. Read on to find out all about it...

The Aden protocol is based on a 22 year long research, trial and error, and on my own healing process. This system is completely natural and safe, now socially proven with patients in 32 countries.

Backed up with over 50,000 hours of nutritional expertise and most importantly centered around a new amazing discovery of the actual underlying triggers of sarcoidosis that need to be addressed so that we can pave the road to remission (especially a disbalance in a small organ in our abdomen and in the lymphatic sacks).

Let me share my story and how you can follow my footsteps.

Just 8 months after I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, my life was a living hell. A red slimy rash on the lips which made people look away in pity. Always tired and unable to walk a block. Mucus and granuloma in the lungs causing a hissing sound and constricting my lungs every time I make a physical effort. I was a wreck.

But then I heard about a doctor in Ohio that stirred the waters of the medical community a couple of years ago. He did so by revealing his amazing findings about how a simple malfunction of a small organ in our abdomen is what triggers an aggressive autoimmune reaction - sarcoidosis. He then put together a protocol that uses the breakthrough to beat sarcoidosis naturally - The Aden protocol.

His name is Dr. Jani Hajjri and when I look back, I can see that meeting him turned out to be the most important thing that ever happened to me as to 1,000's of others. Just as getting to this page is likely to be for you.


The trademark sign of the Aden Protocol is the Aden Lotus. Introducing the Aden Protocol badge.

It is a way of spreading the word and helping people with sarcoid diagnosis learn about the only system that actually gives results. I wear my badge wherever I go. I hope you'll be asking me to send you one very soon.

So when you see someone on the street passing by you wearing a white badge with a grey wild lotus on it, know that that person did it, too. She/he beat sarcoidosis using the Aden protocol. It is a sign of recognition for all of us. By now, at least a dozen people have asked me about the badge and the story behind it, because they or someone they love is a sarcoidosis sufferer. Some of these people are my personal friends today. Most of them are in remission and are living normal and healthy lives.

Below are a couple of success stories that I found especially moving:



Maya and Ted Perry

Success story no. 1: Maya and Pascal Sniijder, Rotterdam, Holland

"Hi Danielle, I am Maya and I am happy to share my experience...

...after a couple of months of breathing problems and chronic leucopenia, I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 2004 and they soon found it in my eyes and my spleen. My spleen was so severely involved that I had to have an urgent splenectomy. Then, I was keeping it under control for a year or so with heavy doses of Cortisol and Prednisone. From there it was all ups and downs. And yes, I just got married back then and was trying for a child with my husband Pascal. No luck for 2 years. They weren't sure if it's the sarcoidosis.

I bought your book in March last year. What can I say? November last year was the first time in 4 and a half years that my eyes weren't hurting and GUESS WHAT... today I am two months pregnant. If it's a girl I'll call her Danielle. I wear my Aden Lotus badge with pride. It is what gave me back my freedom and a normal life.

Love from Holland,"

Maya Sniijder (Rotterdam, Holland)




Success story no. 2: Sylvia Abreu Mello, Santa Monica, California

"I had so many medical problems that it started to be overwhelming even for my doctors. I spent most of my late 20s as a professional patient. I didn't have a life. But then I heard about the Aden protocol, and now 8 months into the protocol I am just a normal free person. That's all I wanted.

Thank you so much."

Sylvia Mello (Santa Monica, California)




Success story no. 3: Vanda Robertson, Stoke City, UK

"Dear Danielle, I owe you my life. I was struggling with sarcoidosis for 5 years before I found out about you book. Back in 2005, whole left part of my body was almost immobile for a month because of the scarring and the lesions on my 3rd vertebrae. Now, 2 months into the protocol, sarcoidosis is still there but my doctor says that more then 50 % of the granuloma is gone. I haven't felt this good in years. I am ecstatic even while I am writing this.

Thousands, millions of thanks..."

Vanda Robertson (Stoke City, UK)




Success story no. 4: Ajou Daniels, Baltimore, Maryland

"...I've been first diagnosed with sarcoidosis when I went to my doctor to seek help with breathing problems. Soon, they discovered mild forms of it in the lungs, spleen and my bones. CT scan of my pelvic area showed evidence of osteosclerosis. Just 3 months after I was diagnosed. I was tired all the time and had infections that just won't go away...in my throat, in my ear...I was a complete mess. I tried everything and nothing seemed to help.

But when I found out about your book 14 months ago, that all changed completely. I simply started getting better before all the symptoms just faded completely. Have not had any symptoms for 6 months now.

Love from Baltimore,"

Ajou Daniels (Baltimore, Maryland)


Success story no. 5: David Gerard and his wife Sonya, Ottawa, Canada

" Hi Danielle, I have been a chronic sarcoid sufferer for 11 years...

...and when I was diagnosed it threw my whole life out of whack. Soon, I was so tired that I had to rest when I walked couple of blocks. My family business was suffering and I was helpless. Then, I heard about Dr Jani from an old army friend from Ohio. I was skeptical, I admit it, but I just said "I'll try it". Boy, did that decision make a difference. I am in remission for 2 years now and I am simply happy. Give my kindest regards to Dr Jani."

David Gerard (Ottawa, Canada)




Success story no. 6: Latisha Dearrmott, New Orleans, Louisiana


"Dear Danielle,

I am glad to be a testimony of the effectiveness of the Aden protocol...The worst part of my sarcoidosis is that I developed a severe case of vertigo because of CNS involvement. I had episodes of dizziness that were so bad that very soon I was afraid to go anywhere alone. I became totally dependant. But, now, 6 months into the protocol, I haven't had an episode for 10 weeks. My CMR show that I am on my way to remission..."

All the best,

Latisha (New Orleans, Louisiana)






If you are diagnosed with sarcoidosis sooner or later you will experience some (or all) of these life-altering symptoms:


Facial Palsy is common - If it attacks the nerves in your face, sarcoidosis usually causes one half of your face to drop. The damage is often irreparable. Statistics show that it is more common in those with lung involvement.
Fatigue - you feel extremely tired physically, mentally and emotionally, all or most of the time  
A purplish raised rash (called Lupus pernio) that affects your nose and cheeks.
Purple tender lumps on the shins that you will make
wearing shorts a big no-no permanently (called Erythema Nodosum)
Constricted lungs that will soon make you day-dream about taking a deep breath again sarcoidosis of the lungs
Bone Cysts that make your fingers swell up to couple of times original size, and even the skin to burst with non-healing ulcers
Fever that just won't go away  
Extreme weight loss  
Low Extremities Paralysis - if sarcoidosis affects your spine, it can cause you to lose the feel in your legs (this happened to me at one point)  
Poor vision, front of eyes red and very painful  
Clubbing of fingers and nail deformities, as a result of knuckle granuloma, bone and nail involvement
Swelling of Parotid glands
Many other symptoms depending on organ involvement, and as you know sarcoidosis can affect any organ in your body  



The most important thing is - your life will never be the same again. I am sure that you don't know about many aspects of sarcoidosis if these haven't 'touched' you so far. For example, did you know that:


Official records show that a 5 year survival expectancy in patients with cardiac sarcoidosis is just 37% !


Gloomy, don't you agree? But, relax, by the end of this page, you will learn about an alternative treatment that saved 1,000's of lives worldwide.


You will learn how to:


Eliminate the reasons that are causing the disease. That's what's so revolutionary about the Aden protocol. For the first time ever, the underlying chemical relationships are deciphered.
Get rid of granuloma in the lungs and breathe free again
Avoid the looks on the street because of your rash and make your skin smooth as ever
Avoid the risks of developing granuloma in your heart that can be deadly (this killed Reggie White)
Feel the strength of healthy living again as you beat the chronic fatigue
Sleep like a baby as your insomnia fades away
Feel the join of waking up calm and serene as the protocol relieves your anxiety issues
Get instant comfort and pain relief
Never experience another terrible night sweat again
Prevent your body from forming painful kidney stones
Beat the crippling headaches once and forever.
Find your blessed salvation and your key to final victory




What you read here will simply change everything.  I promise!



Just think of it this way - imagine yourself in a year. Imagine the two versions of you.

One version, anxious and weak, deprived of sleep, always tired and afraid to leave the house since your rash has changed you beyond recognition and made a wreck of you emotionally. You avoid meeting your friends since you are not what you used to be and your condition drained the life force out of you on so many levels.

And the second version...the version that took charge of her/his own life. A vibrant person, that awakens to happy mornings feeling thankful and strong. Skin smooth as silk. Eyes clear and your breath full and free. Version that has forgotten all about sarcoidosis. Healthy YOU.


Well, my friend, wherever you are, this is the juncture where the two versions of you part ways. And YOU choose where you'll be in 1 year! Yes, You choose!



My Long Frustrating Battle With Sarcoidosis


Back in 2005, when I was first diagnosed with sarcoidosis I was 32. I had a healthy relationship, a good job and everything to live for. Then, I started to experience occasional shortness of breath and a dry cough. I thought this is one of my allergies but as the symptoms got worse I went to see my doctor.

Months passed by but he couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, until one day he mentioned the "S" word. My blood tests were scheduled for the next day. I remember going online that day and looking sarcoidosis up. I also remember the chills and the shiver from what I red. I remember thinking to myself that this is the kind of things that "only happens to other people".

Blood tests were inconclusive, and the doctor decided to x-ray my chest. And there it was. My little pieces of hell. Then they did a bronchoscope and they were sure. I had sarcoidosis. My life changed very quickly. Soon the skin lesions appeared on my face and my neck and there was no going back.

And you know what the worst part was? It was obvious that my doctor was shooting in the dark. Then as things got complicated, he referred me to a specialist. The specialist pretty much continued to do the same thing, he just knew more of the fancy terms. In his own words: "I'm trying to relieve the symptoms, since modern medicine knows very little of the causes". "Very little" was an understatement. They knew nothing. I could see that.


Did you know that the treatment for Sarcoidosis did not change for 50 years?


This pushed me over the edge. To the other side. To deep, dark pits of depression, depression that cannot be described and can only be experienced. My relationship broke apart, and I don’t blame him. I was a wreck. Since I was working in the customer service of a public library, I couldn’t do my job with the skin rash. They pulled me into the back office, just for a couple of months before they let me go because I was heavily under performing. I shiver at the very thought of those moments.

Very soon after that, I woke one day and I couldn't walk. The damn thing was in my spine, too. I was tied to a bed for a month on heavy doses of 60 mg Prednisone per day, which just helped relieve some of the tension. Just enough so that I could walk again. My life was a living hell.

Let me tell you this about myself. If I am anything, I am a fighter. I decided that the fact that I had sarcoidosis is not what defines me, it's what I do about it that does. So, I started reading a lot about the condition and about healthy living. I read all sorts of things that I got my hands on. I am talking about dozens of books on diets, allergies, causes and symptoms of sarcoidosis, nutrition and lifestyle of people predisposed to it. Since I was unemployed, and now living with my parents this is all I did in the past 3 years.

At the bottom of everything I did was this simple question that I asked myself:


Could I really believe that the science made zero progress with sarcoidosis in 50 years?

I asked myself this, and my answer was a rebellious ‘No!’. You should ask yourself this, too, and then decide whether you want to keep reading about the alternative or discard it. Just stop for a second and answer this simple question in your head, and then keep reading, or don’t, if you don’t feel like it.

Let me tell you, I tried everything that seemed like it could work, and I tried to be consistent about this, all because of this fear I had that the solution to the biggest problem that I faced in my life so far, may slip by.

I read more then 50 books in the period, directly or indirectly related to my problem. Some of them were useless, some were somewhat useful, but some of them really made a difference.

When I look back, I even tried some things I knew are doomed to fail...snake oils and similar charlatan potions and cures. I had to, I just could not live with the thought that it might be the solution and I am not giving it the benefit of the doubt. But none of these hypes and quick fixes worked.



I tried everything!



And I read. Oh my God I read. Each and every book that is even remotely relevant to my disease. I had no job after all.

But then again, all of these books offered ways to cope with some of the consequences of my damaged health and not with the cause. After months of struggle, "devouring" pretty much every bit of information I could find, I found myself going in circles. I got a little better, just before I got a little worse. But I didn't give up.

And finally, one day it all paid off. A friend of mine that I hadn't seen in years and met that day at the bank told me that her brother was a sarcoidosis sufferer and that after six months with this doctor in Ohio he was a changed man with almost no symptoms.

I was very skeptical. I remember thinking "Yeah, right, all the specialist can't do a thing, so how could this guy be any different?". Apart from this, Akron, Ohio was 540 miles away from Boston, where I live.

But as days went by, and my rash was becoming worse and more repulsive I remember thinking "What if...?". I also remember thinking that it was simply stupid of me to just stubbornly stick to the things that just didn't work. It would be very costly to go to Akron to see him once a week, but I was already spending piles of cash on drugs and private practitioners, so I had nothing to lose. After all, I had a man (my friend´s brother Mike) as a living proof that there was something there. So I went for it.

And let me tell you right now, that made all the difference. I started visiting Dr Jani once a week, on Saturdays, and very soon I began feeling tremendous relief:


  • After his treatments, I was breathing like a 10 year old.

  • My ACE level was down to 67 from the high 110 in 3 months.

  • My skin rash was almost gone in 2 months.

  • I started sleeping normally.

  • I was not tired all the time as I used to be.



I kept feeling better and the symptoms continued to fade away until officially one day I WAS IN REMISSION. I remember kissing his hands and hugging him tightly, which made him uncomfortable, but what could I do, I was ecstatic. Then he told me that this is not where it ends, and that there are things that I will pretty much have to do for the rest of my life just to keep it this way. And I am doing it every day, it's like getting out of the dirtiest prison to be on parole, it´s not hard keeping yourself away from "crime".

Only one thing matters to me, I am not different from the average person that you pass by on the street. I don't have to take time to psychologically prepare to go to the supermarket because of my skin lesions. I am free!

This is when I decided to write this book and share how I did it.

I am afraid of even thinking about where would I be right now if I decided to remain skeptical.


Dr Jani Hajjri

Dr. Jani Hajjri in front of his patients evidence and research collected over the years,
used ultimately to shape the Aden protocol.


Let me tell you a couple of words about Dr. Jani Hajjri - he is originally from Yemen and has lived in the USA (Akron, Ohio) for 15 years now. He started his alternative medical practice back in his home country. He also has a huge database of every relevant research that was ever done on the subject and incorporates this vast knowledge into his protocol.

He claimed that 75% percent of his patients went into remission within 6 months of the "Aden protocol", which is what he calls his treatment plan (Aden is his hometown in Yemen, where he first started his practice) and that the overall success rate was 82%. But I thought he was pumping these numbers up, to make him look good. I thought that before trying it myself.

That is also why I contacted a few of the people that used the Aden protocol to treat their sarcoidosis:


Success story no. 7: John Paide, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Dear Mrs. May,

..I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis with heart involvement in 02/05. My life did not change much at first, since it was just a mild form. Until December 2006 when I had what they later told me was a heart blockage due to the granulomas in my right ventricular wall. It was a near death experience, and I was inserted with a pacemaker on the same day...

...I bought your book last year and put it to use the next day...my heart lesions were down by 40% in 2 months. As of January 2009 I am officially in remission. All I have to remind me of my sarcoidosis suffering is the pacemaker in my chest. But I'm alive. And thankful.

God Bless,"

John Paide (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)


Success story no. 8: Lynda Jenkins with her husband Greg, Canberra, Australia

"Hi Danielle,

4 months after I was officially diagnosed with sarcoidosis, I was on such heavy doses of steroids that I started loosing hair. I had this thing with my left eye, these twitches, my doctor told me that it's because the spine involvement. I have struggled like this for a year and a half. Aden protocol is what brought me back the smile and the hope that were almost forgotten in my life. I haven't had any symptoms for more then 3 months.


Lynda Jenkins (Canberra, Australia)


Success story no. 9: Kelly Davis, LA, California

"Sarcoidosis changed my life in such a way that I could not recognize myself. I had Lytic lesions in my hands, which is kind of a bone cyst. My fingers would swell to twice their size and it would become impossible to work. I had no other symptoms but this was enough to stop me from having a normal life.

Using the information I got from your book, I made it all go away in 6 months. I blossomed, if your will...and yes, I have my old thin fingers back..."

Kelly Davis (LA, California)


Success story no. 10: Drew Miles and his family, Banff, Canada

"At one point in my life I was feeling so bad that my wife was nursing me like I was 5. My liver and spleen were severely damaged which made my body incapable of getting toxins out. I had a partial splenectomy, but I continued to be so tired that I was lying or sitting around all day long. Could not even think of work in those days.

Then I found your book when Googling for information. I am a healthy happy person today, a year after I first found out about the Aden protocol. Thank you so much.

Love from Banff,"

Drew Miles (Banff, Canada)



Success story no. 11: Deshawn Kemp and little Maya Kemp, Seattle

"I was so afraid at one point. I was afraid for my family. Sarcoidosis stopped me from working and providing for them. It stopped me from thinking clearly. I tried all the conventional methods out there. I got a little better and then much worse again. My severe renal sarcoidosis threatened to destroy my kidneys beyond repair.

It was a scary time. Then I found out about your book on a forum community. Bought it and used it. Danielle, I don't know what to tell you, it simply is a miracle. I want to forget everything that has to do with sarcoidosis. Please do not contact me again.


Deshawn Kemp (Seattle, USA)




Success story no. 12: Emma J Brown, Cleveland, Ohio

"Dear Danielle,

I am glad you contacted me and asked me to share my experience. I live in Cleveland, which is less then 30 miles from Akron. I guess I was fortunate like that...

...my main problem was the disgusting rash on my lips and my neck. I heard about Dr Jani very early into my disease and by 1 year after I was first diagnosed I was in complete remission. Not that much of a story, really. And I am happy it's not.

All the best,"

Emma Brown (Cleveland, Ohio)




Dear reader, wherever you are, let me tell you, if someone is a skeptical person I am.


But I was not so skeptical about the way I felt after a month on the Aden protocol!



Then, an idea occurred to me. I decided to share my story of how I beat this horrible disease. I decided to gear up and write a book about it.


For two reasons:


  1. I know what it's like first-hand and how many people suffer from this thing.
  2. Again, I had no job and no source of income and it seemed to me that all I knew was about sarcoidosis and health.


The hardest part of writing this e-book was getting Dr. Jani to share everything. And I do mean everything. And then shaping this into a book.

If you are skeptical and in doubt let me share some of my own doubts that I came across in the process. If you are thinking:“If it’s possible to treat sarcoidosis and send it to remission in such an effective way, why does modern medicine insist on the same 50 year old protocols over and over again?" This was precisely my first thought after a month with Dr Jani. And I am not sure about the answer to this question.

But I can share what Dr. Jani told me when I asked him just that. He said:



“You know, because of the nature of the condition, the treatment would have to be free according to the health regulation in most of the countries."



"Just think of it this way" he said, "sarcoidosis occurs in something like 18-20 per every 100,000 people. That means that there are around 1,300,000 people in the world that suffer from sarcoidosis. And just think of how much money you've spent since you've been diagnosed on drugs and supplements that are directly related to your condition. And with the old treatment, you will very likely continue to do so in the next years, decades or even for the rest of your life."



"We are talking about hundreds of billions of dollars."



I could not conceive that this was really the case. I am not much into conspiracy theories and all that, but what happened when I wanted to publish a hard copy of this book made me think again.

I wanted to publish ‘ The Aden Protocol ’ in a hard copy first. I approached a couple of publishers that already expressed interest when I began writing it, after I informed them about it. But when the book was done, everything changed. They kept avoiding my calls. And just one or two of them even had the courtesy to respond to my e-mails saying that ‘they decided to go another way’ or ‘the book would raise too much dust’. After I finally get to meet one of the agents, he told me (strictly off the record) that the medical community lobby pressed them so hard not to publish it that they had to give in. I asked ‘but why??’. He just nodded his head and responded: “They said it makes them look bad.”

So, I gave that one up and decided to publish an eBook. But guess what, I had problems with that, too. My online publisher was under severe pressure, but when I threatened to sue, the lobby stepped back a little. Long story short, at that time I only got the license to sell 500 copies of the e-book.

Last copy of the first batch was sold a year ago, and it took me 8 and a half months to get the permission for an additional batch of 300. I can't really explain the trouble that I went through to get the additional copies released. But it's crucial that you know this...



At This Time, I Only Have the License to Sell 300 Copies of this eBook.



In case you are wondering about e-books and internet publishing, this is how it works. It is not as simple as many think. You don't just slap the book to the internet from your living room. You have to have the book approved and published and then sell it through an official retailer. In this case, the retailer for this book is the most renowned on the internet today - "Clickbank", a name that has been online and trusted for years.

Now, allow me to introduce the eBook that changed lives of so many others around the world, and the system that did the same for far more even before the book saw the light of the day.





"Sarcoidosis Remission -
The Aden Protocol Resource Book"



Aden Protocol Resource Book image



The Aden Protocol is the only system in existence that is proven to induce remission in sarcoidosis patients.



"Sarcoidosis Remission - The Aden Protocol Resource Book" is a 141 page downloadable eBook, that is jam packed cover to cover with all the answers that you'll ever need about this thing that torments you.


It is the fruit of 22 years of research that finally resulted in the Aden Protocol.


It will take you by the hand and lead you to remission in precise and controlled steps that already worked for 1,000's of people in 32 countries.



Here is a small sample of what you'll get when you download your copy of the Aden Protocol Resource Book Today:


SHOCKING DISCOVERY: Learn about a dramatic truth that will (I'm sure for the first time) make you feel glad you have sarcoidosis. Yes, you heard it right...you'll see...
SECRET #1: Why is sarcoidosis so extremely rare in the Orient? (very important)
SECRET #2: Malfunction of one small organ in our abdomen is where so many answers lay. Find out which.
SECRET #3: 84 % of all sarcoid patients do not produce enough of one very important substance that enables proper protein metabolism. In course of events, this is what triggers granuloma formation. This discovery has made all the difference and is one of the corner stones of the Aden protocol.
SECRET #4: In sarcoid patients, a problem that is initiated in the lymphatic sacks, which are found under the button belly area, results in a clutter of unbelievable 30,000,000,000 (that's right - 30 billion) dead cells trapped inside your body daily. There is only one substance known to man that can dissolve this clutter. Find out which today and put it to use.
SECRET #5: If sarcoidosis is not contagious, why are there numerous records of people getting sarcoidosis after organ transplant?
IMPORTANT FACT: What are the grave dangers of attempts to treat sarcoidosis using antibiotics?
CRUCIAL: A complete list of bad foods that increase your risk of getting sarcoidosis by 200% if they find their way to your plate on a daily basis. (related to Secret#3)
Comprehensive list of good foods that you can eat without regret if you are sarcoidosis sufferer and WHY!?

VITAMIN D delusions: Common belief is that all sarkies need to avoid vitamin D to extremes. That's simply not true.Did you know that in Scandinavian countries where the only record on this is kept, just 1 in every 10 patients needs to keep away from vitamin D.

VITAMIN D - setting the record straight. Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin. It's a hormone. Learn how this changes things. There is a simple way to determine whether you should keep away from it.

Have you been eating your hearts out in the shade while your friends are enjoying the sun. Well' chances are you did not have to.

SECRET #6: What is the ending of the sentence from the quotation in the title, and how this changes everything?
IN CONFIDENCE: Why the regular methods fail miserably in treating sarcoidosis?
SECRET #7: Medicine says your regular cold cannot be cured. Think again. Africans are doing it for decades. The same miracle herb has finally been recognized in the UK last year. It does wonders for sarcoidosis patients, but in another way. This will blow your mind !
SECRET #8: Reactive Oxygen Species or ROS - yes, I know you heard they are bad news, but if you have sarcoidosis they are the worst news of all and on a different, much more dangerous level. It took years of experiments to determine what substance can put an end to this because all the ones that get the job done for a regular person are useless for a sarkie. Only one substance was found to be potent enough. It starts with a Q...
SECRET #9: Skin lesions demystified - understand why is your skin bursting. It's not only important for your skin, it hides the answers to the underlying triggers of your overall condition.
SECRET #10: You probably know that the most potent herbal medicine is Chinese. And yet, it has always been silent about sarcoidosis. Have you ever wondered why? This is why Dr Jani worked closely with Mr. Abe Hsieh, a health practitioner from China to learn what famous Chinese miracle herbs can do for sarcoid patients. And the findings are amazing. About one herb in particular...
SECRET #11: What happens in the blood of a sarcoid sufferer? How to reverse this perpetual process by following a simple 6 RULE system?
SECRET #12: Certain every day things, like removing red wine stains by tipping white wine onto them are everywhere. There is one things that is all around us yet we fail to recognize it's potency. Yet, this simple thing is an important part of the healing protocol. Learn about it. You'll be amazed with how simple it is.
SECRET #13: Shifting the chemical disbalance of the pH value in your body in 3 controlled and precise steps. The pH value of your blood was found to be of the 3 main triggers of sarcoidosis in Aden Protocol research (see secret 2 and 3 for teh other two)
SECRET #14: I am sure you have at one point or another heard about the importance of calcium for a sarcoidosis sufferer. So, you say - "if my levels of calcium are elevated, I'll just take a pill". Couldn't be more wrong. In sarcoidosis patients, adressing calcium balance with supplementation only without dealing with the causes is like pouring water into a hollow bucket. It just goes right through. Learn why this happens and reverse the process in 3 weeks.
SECRET #15: Most of us digest a scary 3.000 chemicals every day, and the number of chemicals and artificial flavorings that we consume adds up to 18 tablets of soluble aspirin every day. For an average person, this is not so terrible since the body does not recognize these substances as food and ignores them. Learn why it's not so simple for a sarkie, and let me teach you how to recognize the dangers that lurk at your friendly supermarket.
FORGOTTEN BREAKTHROUGH: Dr Max Bircher-Benner working with arthritis patients back in the 1930s made a shocking discovery. Find out how his discovery makes it so much easier to assemble a master plan for combating sarcoidosis.
INSTANT RELIEF: Learn about a simple procedure that will bring you relief instantly, and you will do it for 3 times in the first ten days. You'll be reborn...
BASIC TRUTHS: Learn in detail what deficiencies develop as your disease progresses and all about right supplementation strategies. You have no idea how wrong you can go here...
OVERLOOKED POCKETS OF RESEARCH: I am sure your doctor never told you how similar sarcoidosis and tuberculosis are in some ways. Yet, sarcoidosis cannot be treated with antibiotics. But a very important relation emerges when you compare this two side by side. Find out which and how it relates to the protocol.
SECRET #16 - Macrophages and Cytokines: Learn what they are and more importantly why they behave differently in sarcoidosis patients and how this alarms the immune system in a wrong way (related to secret # 4)
Secret #17: ...
Secret #18: ....
Secret #19: .....


And believe me.... this is just the tip of the iceberg! Aden Protocol Resource Book is so much more than just an "e-book" - it's the ultimate guidebook for people that have the burden of sarcoidosis to carry for the rest of their lives.

With this book, you will be able to completely control the burden, up to a point where you forget all about it. Without this book as months go by, the burden will control you and as time goes by your life will become centered and determined by it. I am speaking from personal experience.



What the Aden Protocol Resource Book Can do for YOU


The Aden Protocol is a the only system that addresses the background of the internal problems and disbalances that is causing your sarcoidosis and fixes it permanently.

By tackling the contributing factors of your disease using a holistic, multi-dimensional approach it ensures the permanent eradication of the internal environment that's hindering your ability to beat this disease. This way you can enjoy lasting freedom and serenity and finally be able to...



Overcome your biggest problem safely and without dangerous drugs

Breath free once more and feel the strength of health

Remind yourself how it is to wake up pain free - open your eyes and nothing hurts

Clean your organs from the billions of dead cells trapped inside


Build your confidence and re-socialize

Get the ultimate self-esteem boost. You'll feel like nothing is impossible once your biggest nightmare is out of the picture. I felt like someone gave me a leg after I was one-legged for years

Never ever get another pitiful look again

Feel lighter, healthier, look younger and more energetic

Have increased mental clarity, enthusiasm and vitality

Fight depression, mood swings and anxiety

Detoxify completely - you'll be cleaner than a life-long vegetarian

Get back to every day issues in your life with an overwhelming energy

What I said above can be your new reality in just months. If the number of copies available did not reach 0, you can still be among the lucky 3 hundred that get a copy of the Aden Protocol. I just want to be honest, from what I have experienced during the last efforts to get this batch out, I am not confident about the future batches.



Life is Too Short to Try And Beat Sarcoidosis On Your Own Through Trial And Error. Take Charge Over Your Condition Right Now And Follow a Proven Step-By-Step System



All I can think about when I say this are the years that I lost pursuing the solution. Trying and failing. Trying and failing. Again and again. And I did try it all:








Azasan (Imuran)


This is a list of drugs that I have tried in the process of trial and error. Years to come will show what all of them did inside my body. I have been sarcoidosis free for more then a year now and have been trying to conceive with my new boyfriend without any success.

OK, It might not be related, but let me tell you, with what I swallowed and was injected with in the last couple of years, I could start my own pharmacy. The list above shows only the drugs that addressed the sarcoidosis itself. The list is much longer if I listed all the drugs I used to treat particular symptoms, especially the ones CNS involvement brings.


I have tried it all !


What I am trying to say is this - my story doesn't have to be your story. I did it all, I popped pills, I was injected with all you can think of, tried the alternatives and I found one that works.


Now you can skip what I went through for years and find out in minutes what I pursued for such a long time.


You might be able to do the same if you have the time and years to put your life on hold. If I only were in your position when this thing hit me. All the things that I lost in the meantime...oh, my God...but enough about me, this letter is about YOU. You are the one that will have to live with this thing is you miss out on this opportunity because of doubts and skepticism and go out tomorrow and spend twice as much on things that did not work last year, did not work last month, did not work yesterday and , face it now and here, will not work tomorrow. But at the end, the choice is all yours...all I can share is...



It gives me the shivers to even think about where would I be if I hadn't found out about the Aden protocol.



As I promised, by the end of this page you'll know exactly how to follow my footsteps to health. In the process, I have put to use a broader knowledge that has helped me to remain calm in the 'eye of the storm' and fight all the things that follow this terrible disease. I have spent my days learning about the things that are directly related to my sarcoidosis but also about Guided Relaxation techniques, herbal medicine and self-help in general.

This is the road that brought me to my new career as a health consultant and nutrition specialist. During the past few years I wrote a couple of other books on self-help and wellness subject. I sell these books on separate sites. And I thought a lot about what I am about to say, but...


...since I have the license to sell the Aden Protocol for a very limited time I decided to give away my other titles completely free as a bonus to the Aden Protocol Resource Book.

Yes, you heard it right...



APPLY TODAY and you'll also receive the following 5 FREE bonuses worth $124!


Bonus #1: Arcanum Of Herbal Remedies


Arcanum (special knowledge that is mysterious to the average person, a secret elixir, a deep secret).

Arcanum is a word used by the herbal practitioners to describe a secret of the trade. Think about it - if they didn't keep any secrets and you could find it all in their recipes, they would be out of business.

It took a lot of 'digging' and I worked on this book with a herbal practitioner that was trying to treat my sarcoidosis before I met Dr Jani.

This book offers all you need to know about herbal medicine and more importantly an A-Z overview of conditions and diseases and herbal treatment options. Everything from toothache to cancer.

It is 149 pages packed by facts that herbal practitioners don't want you to know.

Sold Separately for $25

Yours FREE

Bonus #2: Back Door To Health Insurance System


This book will blow your mind. It is like having an uncle or an aunt in the health insurance system.

There are so many catches that only few people know and take advantage of. Ask yourself:

  • Are you paying for things that you could get for free if you knew how the system works?
  • Are you getting everything you are entitled to?
  • Is there a way to cut your health insurance expenses by 40%?

This eBook answers it all. It is your insider to the system.

It is your unfair advantage over all those other people in the waiting room?

Sold Separately for $22

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Bonus #3: At Peace At Home


This is the all-in-one ultimate guided relaxation manual. It took me a very long time to put it all together. Five months actually...it took me 5 months to complete this comprehensive manual.

Let me ask you - would you try to fix your TV all by yourself if it broke down. I presume your answer is no.

Well, the same logic applies when you decide to put to use a vast knowledge of guided relaxation on your road to tranquility and "fix your brain".

Let me tell you, for a long time, I have battled my anxiety by telling myself to calm down and eating my favorite food and watching my favorite show on TV. And none of that really worked, not when I had real problems.

That is when I discovered the wonderful world of guided relaxation. A world where all the knowledge about the human brain is put to use to guide us on our path towards serenity and help us battle the stress.

Meet your new 84-paged sidekick in a never-ending battle with stress and anxiety. It's all you'll ever need to come out victorious.

I promise, in 20 days, you will be getting questions about what's happening in your life that's making you so positive and calm.

Sold Separately for $27

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Bonus #4: Boost Your Metabolism
and Peel the Fat Off


If there is one industry that is basing it's profitability on confusion it's the fitness and weight loss industry.

We are bombarded with miracle potions and stories about worms living in our intestine and so on. The stories might seem stupid and naive but these are carefully designed to divert the attention from the truth.

Deceptively simple truth.

I worked on this book with my trainer Zoë and her college professor. The aim was to shape a no-bs-back-to-the-basics approach to weight loss.

The result is a simple read - precise and to the point. Our body metabolic mechanisms disassembled and put back together with no fancy talk.

Alright, let me give you a taste of this book:

You know whey you can't loose any weight?

Because your pituitary gland is fighting any change in your weight through enzyme changes which then cause metabolic changes.


Because it 'believes' it is fighting for survival once the body finds itself in a caloric deficit. As simple as that.

Your body 'believes' it's doing you a favour by not allowing the fat to go away.

The solution?

Simple tactics of 'tricking' the pituitary gland given in this book in a easy and ready-to-use way.

Sold Separately for $25

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Bonus #5: Healing Depression
(Self-help To A Calm Soul)


I have been struggling with my depression for a very long time. It all first started when I lost my job and the man I loved, after sarcoidosis changed my life and made me a wreck.

But, then I decided to fight back and gear up and fight 'the beast' through self-help.

I was feeling much better even before I got sarcoidosis in remission. In this eBook I shared everything I put to use to achieve this.

It is a 146 pages of 'heavy weaponry' that will definitely help you win this battle.

This eBook includes:

  • Self-help tools
  • Demystifying assumptions
  • Herbal Alternatives
  • Understanding the causes
  • Recognizing the signs
  • Treatment options
  • Therapy options

Beat depression before it's too late.

Sold Separately for $25

Yours FREE


The changes in my life (sarcoidosis) changed the streamline of my career as well. I am a self-help and nutrition advisor for a couple of years now and there is no going back for me. The Aden Protocol Resource Book is where it all started, and hence is my favorite. That is why I have decided to give my other titles for free with the 2nd edition of the Aden Protocol.

Apart from that, if you are a sarcoidosis sufferer, we share a destiny and that is why I am offering for free all the eBooks that are otherwise sold . I apologize to people that have purchased the books on another website and have now reached this page to see that I am giving them away as a bonus. Please, try to understand, those who purchase the Aden Protocol have gone through so much with sarcoidosis. I hope you understand.

At the moment, I am working on something really special. It is a website called "Wellness Sphere DM". It will be a PREMIUM membership-based website with a huge database of knowledge in the field of wellness. Now, take a deep breath...



All those who purchase The Aden Protocol Resource Book get a Golden Life-time Membership Card to the "Wellness Sphere DM" website. Completely Free !

This website will be live by mid next year and it will be a huge database of knowledge in the field of wellness, fitness and self-help.

I am currently recruiting some of the most renowned experts in these fields to share their knowledge in the community.

It's very exciting.

Golden Membership includes:

  • Free life-time access to the database of articles and texts
  • Free life-time access to the community and forum that will feature some of the most renowned experts
  • Free copies of any future eBooks I publish


Value at least : $110





(only 30 available)


That's right. For a limited number of people I will be offering personal 1-on-1 support.

You are not alone any more and you will feel it. I will guide you every step of the way and lead you to a healed body and calm soul. I'll do for you what Mr Hajjri did for me.

I commit to that!

It started with sarcoidosis, but then I have moved on to other areas of expertise. Nowadays, I offer private nutrition, wellness and self-help counseling.

I am sure that you are familiar with the feeling that nobody can understand what you are going through, or the feeling that your loved ones think that you might be over-reacting.

You are not alone any more. Where you are now, that is where I am coming from. I know how you feel and I understand.

Now, I can only offer this kind of personal guidance to 30 people and I have decided for the 30 people to be the last 30 to purchase this eBook. So, if the number below the order button indicates that you are (number of copies left is less than 30) then you are in luck and you will receive Your Private Consultation Certificate.


Value: $187







Let's recap. If you purchase the Aden Protocol Resource Book today you get the value of $124 + $297 = $421 in bonuses.

Or $124 + $110 = $234 if you are not among the last 30 that will receive the private counseling, which is also, you'll admit, a pretty good deal.

And this is real value which other people are paying for every day. But, unfortunately, it will all be gone when the number of licensed copies hits 0.


So What's the Bottom Line? How Much Does This Complete Life Changing System Cost?


The Aden Protocol is the only step-by-step roadmap to permanent Sarcoidosis freedom in existence. That much is certain.

And I have some great news for you! Since there are no printing costs for e-books, you can get this e-book for much less than it would cost if it were a hard copy manual - AND you get it instantly (no waiting for the snail mail!) Your investment in this life-changing set of e-books is now only $37!

The first edition was sold at a price point of $47, but I have decided to go lower with the second edition, primarily because of the economic crisis. However, if I get permission for additional copies the price will almost certainly be going up. Probably back to the $47. There is also a chance that this book will be available only to the members of "Wellness Sphere DM" and you do the math how much would it cost you then (with the $40 monthly membership).

You get the Aden Protocol Resource Book , 5 valuable bonus books, "Wellness Sphere DM" golden membership card and the priceless private counseling with myself (if you are among the fortunate 30 people) - all for just $37.

Yes, this is a bargain any way you look at it! Take a second and think about it. It really is.

Don't wait a minute to order at this low price! You will surely spend this in the next couple of days on sarcoidosis related stuff. Stuff that did not work in the past, and will not work in the future. Why? Because it fails to adress the underlying causes. It just relieves the symptoms. It's that simple.

Is it safe to order online? Absolutely! Our merchant processor, ClickBank, is the premier choice of legitimate businesses selling their products and services online. They have an excellent track record of safety and security for online purchases, without even one incidence in their operational history. ClickBank's secured and approved merchant process is noted by a yellow lock at the bottom or top of the page during your order. Using the latest encrypting technology ensures a safe and secure transaction you can feel good about.

Once you place your order on Clickbank's secure server, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download your Sarcoidosis Remission Aden Protocol Resource Book and get started IMMEDIATELY. The e-book is in PDF format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC). You can read it right on your computer screen.



Click Here And Secure Your Copy Of
The Aden Protocol Resource Book Now For Only $47 $37



Allow me ask you one simple question. Are you one of those people that stubbornly try things that did not work in the past and hope they will work this time?

I think that if you reading these lines and you came this far that you most definitely are not. You are not one of those fatalists, you take charge and make things change and happen.

This attitude brought me back my health, after long trial and error. But, you don't have to go through the errors. I did it for you. And I found what works. Don't miss this opportunity for anything in the world if there still are copies left.



Click Here And Secure Your Copy Of
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And one more thing, my honest advice is not to wait any longer. Two and a half months passed between the day I met my old friend who told me about the Aden Protocol and the day I first called Akron to schedule an appointment.

She told me about the protocol and her brother's experience, and I stuck this in some hidden pocket of my mind for two reasons:


1. I was skeptical.
2. A round trip from Boston to Akron was $300 and a treatment session with Dr Jani was also 'an arm and a leg' (I am not allowed to disclose this here).


You, on the other hand, are in a very different situation. You have the convenience that I did not have, someone that did all the trials and errors for you and is telling you what finally worked. I wish I had that. I really do.

Right in front of you, you have the information that someone else used to solve this terrible problem and this life changing text is just a click away.

That's all there is to it. Once you've downloaded your book, read it entirely from cover to cover. The step-by-step instructions are written in a conversational tone and in plain English so that you can use them right away.

The results will come. By following the step by step instructions, every day your body will improve and become optimized to the point of perfection and you'll also start feeling and looking much better as your body quickly starts re-balancing itself.

FREEDOM is at your fingertips.


You must be excited. Let me tell you, this excitement is nothing compared to the excitement you'll feel when your sarcoidosis starts to fade.


When you wake up and a lesion that was on your face when you went to bed isn't there any more. I am not good enough with words to describe this, you have to experience it.

And if by this point you still have your concerns, let me disperse every last shred of doubt. How? By offering a FULL 2 MONTHS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Yes, you heard it right. If you don't like the e-book or you consider that it doesn't contain the information I announce here, you will get every last cent of your money back.

I have thought a lot about this. But, when I look back and remember all the trauma, I think that it is worth it. You might think about how there must be something behind this, since people can buy the book and ask for money back. Well, there isn't. I made my peace with the fact that there will be some dishonesty here and I will lose money. But I believe that there is a majority of honest people out there.


So, let me introduce Your 60 Days Money Back Guarantee:

I am utterly and 100% convinced that this system will work for you. That is why this money back is unconditional. Just take a look at the information in this e-book and I know...I am sure it will blow your mind.

You see, I know for a fact and first hand that the Aden Protocol works. So I have no problem backing it up with a rock solid guarantee like that.

Oh, I hope for your sake that you don't give in to the doubts now when all the risk is taken away.


Danielle May Signature



Click Here And Secure Your Copy Of
The Aden Protocol Resource Book Now For Only $47 $37



In my time - during the period I was in pursuit of solution for my sarcoidosis I have come across several books that claimed they had the solution only to offer the same old commonly known facts wrapped up in a different way. If you fear this could be the case with the Aden Protocol Resource Book...



I promise this:

I offer you my personal guarantee that this book is completely different. On this page, I have talked about the answers you'll get and this is exactly what is going to happen.

If I said that a small organ in our abdomen plays a crucial role in triggering sarcoidosis, you will clearly and precisely find out all about it. I guess what I am trying to say that what you read here is not just hype, it's substance.

And I promise this:

This book is devoid of vague half-truths. It is easy to read and it is to the point. I have wrote it in a way that will make you feel as if you came over to my Boston suburb house for a coffee and I am sharing what I did to send my sarcoidosis to remission and oblivion. It is precise and clear.

In other words, you will not be left at any time with just a raw fact and wondering "Ok, so what do I do now?" By the end of the book you will know exactly how you can put to use what you read.



So, I wrote it in way that will give you this kind of guidance:

"Day 1: Today, I had my first...and I was feeling unbelievable...I scheduled my second...for Thursday. At 8.00 AM I took...at 12.00 AM...at 6.30 PM"

This part of the book where I guide you by the Day and by the Hour within the days is called the Master Plan and in it...



...I Will Take You By the Hand and Show You the Exact Steps of the Healing Process. It Will Be Precise, Controlled, Simple and It Will Leave You with Zero Questions. I promise.



If the yellow field below the button shows a number other then 0, you can still secure your copy. If it reached 0, you missed out at this time, leave me your e-mail and you will be informed if I get the license for additional copies some time in the future.



Click Here And Secure Your Copy Of
The Aden Protocol Resource Book Now For Only $47 $37




If you are spending thousands of dollars and still not addressing the causes, then you are as stuck as the person not doing anything.



But by now, I should not be saying this because if you read this far you are not the type of person that follows the crowd. You are the type of person that takes control.

If you're one of these special people who are motivated enough to try a real honest and effective solution - one of the top 2% who are ready to do what it takes to finally beat this thing forever then join us and order today, because waiting will never lead you to better health.

And as I sit at my old table carved with the names of my teenage sweethearts, my heart goes out to you. There is a real person on the other end of this wire and your computer screen, someone that suffered like you suffer now and put an end to it all.

By the end of this day I could become your personal guide to health. I hope I do and I hope we beat this thing together.


Sincerely, Your Friend and Coach,

Danielle May Signature

Medical researcher, health consultant, nutritionist and author of the
Sarcoidosis Remission - Aden Protocol Resource Book

P.S. If you have any questions or concerns you'd like answered before you apply to get a copy of the book, feel free to contact me at any time. Aden Protocol has already worked for thousands of people in 32 countries as our records show, and many of them had questions about the program before they started. Please do not make the mistake of dismissing this opportunity out of concern that it may be hype or some scam. If you have reservations let me put your mind at rest. I will be more than happy to talk to you if you need reassurance. I know my system can work for you too.

P.P.S. Remember, with the 100% money back guarantee, there's no risk on your part. You have nothing to lose by at least trying the protocol that has social proof of being the only thing that can lead to permanent sarcoidosis remission. Don't just wait around, when there is now risk. Don't leave this page to think and wait. Secure your copy now, since the next time you visit, all the licensed copies might be gone. Just think for a second, it's the information that you cannot get anywhere else and it might be gone if you hesitate.

P.P.P.S. To avoid disappointment, I urge you not to procrastinate. Once the 300 copies are sold I will have to pull this page from the internet all together and the ways things look at this point, possibly never sell another copy of this book again.




NOTE: Sarcoidosis Remission - Aden Protocol Resource Book and the additional resources are
downloadable e-books. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get
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The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.


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